Individual 1 to 1 private tuition lessons.We provide professional tutor which at least degree or master level above to teach your kids

Pros of Private Tutoring at Home

1. More Time and Personal Attention

Unlike group classes, a student will receive more personal attention and time from a private tutor. A personal tutor is available for their queries at any time and explains the topic multiple times if a student is not getting it.

2. Adaptability to the Child’s Learning Pace

A private tutor is aware of the child’s learning ability and knows where he or she needs an improvement. Therefore, he would adapt the lessons to the learning pace of a student.

3. Flexibility and Convenience

A private tutor attends students at their home, cutting the need of daily commuting.

4. Assistance for Homework and Exam Preparation

Many students find homework boring and a daunting task. A good home tutor encourages them to do homework with his/her interesting ideas. Similarly, a tutor provides them advice and assistance to aid their exam preparations.

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